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Many artists and opera singers like you have walked our stage, many have won the AsLiCo Contest, others have made their debut with our very own productions, to then take flight towards great careers all around Italy and the world. Unfortunately, we have often lost touch with many of you and were unable to get feedback on your careers and successful works and engagements.

Because of this, we decided to create a network of contacts, through Facebook, to be called the AsLiCo Connection:  a group of singers, directors, conductors, musicians, who started from AsLiCo and at the Teatro Sociale Como. A social platform that can promote professional connections, job opportunities, but also a virtual place where to exchange ideas, reflections and opinions on the opera world in Italy and abroad, other than where all of you can publish their works with updates and information. Teatro Sociale Como can also provide visibility, reposting your contents in the official Facebook page with many friends and followers engaged. In this way, you will have a strong prominence within an audience always attentive to musical and cultural initiatives and coming from different parts of the world.

What are you waiting for? SUBSCRIBE TO THE FACEBOOK GROUP AND TELL US ABOUT YOU!! When did you win the AsLiCo Contest? When was your debut? What are you up to now? Publish the photos of the theatre where you are working now!